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Muse of Fire

Finally caught up on this season

Husband and I just caught up on the last three episodes of the season...

I see what all of you were talking about regarding wanting shake that frustratingly stupid woman who couldn't understand that 1) Having gay parents doesn't make you gay and 2) You can't just "agree to disagree" on opinions when your opinion is leading you to actions that will cause real harm to other people's lives (banning gay adoptions.) It was also frustrating listening to the woman talk about how awful it was being raised by her gay dad - the problem was he was a bad father, not that he was gay. Any parent - gay or straight - who throws their sexuality and sex life in the face of their kids is irresponsible.

I think that's the only episode of the series with a really negative ending and disappointing results - or am I forgetting any others?

The gun one was interesting - I was completely in the same mindset as Pia, until we met the guy who actually did defend his family's life with a gun. I still hate guns, but that made clear that it's not a simple issue. I liked how willing Pia was to try to open her mind, and I'm scared for that poor kid growing up homeschooled in that atmosphere - I'd be interested to come back to him in 10 years and see what he's doing.

Husband and I both cried at the Navajo episode. Very moving.

Has anyone watched the DVDs of past seasons? Are there good extras? I'd love to see some "behind the scenes" stuff about how they find people to participate, and any stories on episodes they wound up scrapping for failed experiments.
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