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So, what topics would you like to see made into "30 Days" episodes?

Obesity: I know Morgan covered the topic very thoroughly in "Super Size Me", and the thin-person-in-a-fat-suit bit has been done to death - but still, it would be interesting to see someone who has never been obese try to live like it for a month.

Jews and Palestinians: I'd actually like to see this as a double-shot - have a Jew and a Palestinian live with each other's family at the same time. It would be very topical!

Homelessness: May be too close to Minimum Wage in terms of subject matter, and may be just too difficult to do. But it'd be interesting.


Disabilities: Maybe find someone who thinks the handicapped get all the breaks because they get good parking spaces and can skip amusement park lines, and have them in a wheelchair for 30 days.
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