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30 Days

30 Days Could Change Your Life

30 Days Could Change Your Life
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In his new reality show, "30 Days," [Morgan] Spurlock tackles some weighty issues -- such as racism, poverty and homosexuality -- and he does it in his documentary style (read: Michael Moore-lite). He literally throws himself into this project -- starring in one and then hosting the others.

The show features a diverse group of participants who are given the chance to experience life as a radically different person for one month, investigating first-hand a world vastly unlike their own. In the premiere episode, Spurlock and his girlfriend explore the life of the working poor by giving up their NYC lifestyle and moving to Columbus, Ohio (Flint would have been too obvious), to attempt living on minimum wage.
--Chicago Sun-Times Review

Welcome to 30 Days, an LJ community devoted to the new television show by Morgan Spurlock. Morgan is the star and creator of the hit documentary "Supersize Me."

Topics on this community will include:

The television show "30 Days" and the weekly theme.
Morgan Spurlock and his blog.
Supersize Me, "Don't Eat This Book," and "Fast Food Nation" (not by Morgan).